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Hey, my name is Madeleine and I like to draw. I used to carry all of my drawings in a ziplock bag and that was my first portfolio. 

I would love to show you but I can't because like most childhood memorabilia, it got lost. So I did what any creative would do; I made more. However, those didn't get lost. I forgot about them, after I realized I could do better.

So while I don't have much of my work from those formative years, I do have some qualities that continue to serve me today:

A desire to create non-stop, a willingness to dispose of the bad stuff, the ability to push myself, and a need to be satisfied.

That ziplock bag was to small for my liking anyway.



Clio Award, 2022
D&AD, 2021 & 2022
Bronze Cannes Lion, 2021

Merit New England Hatch Awards, 2019

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