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As an emergingly popular entertainment brand, Audible has a lot of stories to tell; literally. As a team, we aimed to bring their story to life for the the US audience.


Created by Jon Ronson, The Debutante is an episodic which explores the mind of Carol Howe and her involvement in the Oklahoma City Bombing. We created this profile collage to highlight the contrast of her two personas.


For this post, I was inspired by the money folding artist Dan Tague. I thought his approach was a perfect artistic device to convey the Murdoch family's reach and power over society. 


Capitalizing off of the Netflix release of Queen Charlotte, we created a collage that showcases author Julia Quinn's take on the historical figure: an empowering black queen.


Donor 9623 is a 2-part episodic that documents the wrong-doing of a criminal sperm donor. To detail the severity of his crimes, we re-created his sperm donor application.


In honor of the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop, we highlighted DJ Drama's Gangsta Grillz Podcast, an interview styled episodic in which he discusses rap music with game changing artists like Lil Wayne, Tyler the Creator, 2 Chainz, and more.


Author, Jenny Han, is the master of any universe she pens; 
The Summer I Turned Pretty series included.  How does she do it? For this post, we aimed to showcase her skill of "world-building" by assembling a collage from her point of view.


In 2023, "Banned books" came up in more conversations than ever, especially with our client Audible. With consideration for legal issues, we took a subtle approach to highlighting banned books. Can you find the hidden "banned" symbol?

Instagram Story


From the World of R.L. Stine, Are You Afraid of the Dark is a children's horror episodic. To create hype for it's release, we used a self-lighting-match to engage users with a question.


To acquaint users with the bookmark feature of the Audible app, we created this UI focused post where the more the user interacts with the app, the more the listen comes to life.


For Summer 1976, we were asked to marry the new brand elements with self capture video from authors, Jessica Hecht and Laura Linney.

For the 2024 Oscars, we wanted to highlight the listens that inspired the best adapted screenplay category by imersing users into the writers aesthetic.

Instagram Stories

Did you know Harry Potter was one of the first books recorded for audio? 25 years later, Audible and Pottermore asked us to announce plans to re-record the series with a full cast and Dolby Atmos effects.

Harry Potter
(Coming 2025)


To celebrate Audible's thriller library, we created an investigation toolkit that taps into the curiosity of thrill-obsessed listeners. We leveraged native instagram stickers to give the illusion of interactive investigation.

Instagram Stories


The novel 1984 is infamous for it's Newspeak terms. To create interest around listening to the new interation of the novel, we created memes that utilize the jargon in the context of Audible user behavior.

Instagram Carousel

To create conversation about the Dolby Atmos recording of George Orwell's novel 1984, we asked listeners what aspects of the novel have come true using a crystal ball eye.



To celebrate AANHPI Month and the array of Asian listens on Audible, we illustrated foods across the different cultures in the style of the audible chevron.

Instagram Story


To get listeners excited about Audible's selection of thrillers, we created thriller themed memes about Audible user beheviors.

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